Press Release
September 22, 2018

Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a proposed rule that will ensure that those seeking to enter and remain in the United States  can support themselves financially and will not be reliant on public benefits.

Philanthropic News
September 12, 2018
“We Can’t Count on Washington”: A California Funder Preps for the 2020 Census

A public health funder based in California just kicked in $10 million to aid the state’s $90 million efforts to get a fair and accurate census count in 2020. The count determines the destination of federal dollars, the breakdown of representation in Washington and even influences where private investments flow.

News Article
August 9, 2018

More than two years have passed, but the image is still fresh in the collective consciousness of the San Luis Obispo County agricultural community: The anger and threats that led to a destructive fire and then, ultimately, the abandonment of seven homes in Nipomo. They were nearly ready to house 112 foreign strawberry field workers on temporary visas—until someone decided put a match to it.


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