Why Join GCIR?

GCIR MembershipThe GCIR network—now over 130 members strong and counting—is dedicated to uplifting the contributions and addressing the needs of this country’s immigrant and refugee populations. GCIR members are local, state, and national foundations with diverse grantmaking priorities, including health, education, rights and justice, economic security, and more. Some explicitly fund immigrant-related efforts; others recognize the importance of applying an immigration lens to their existing grantmaking programs and priorities.

GCIR membership demonstrates a commitment to building an inclusive and equitable society and helps to build a robust community of funders focused on the needs of newcomers. This support is particularly crucial at this defining moment in our nation’s history, as seismic policy changes adversely impact the lives of immigrants and refugees, among many other vulnerable communities, and core investments in the social safety net are threatened. Foundations have transcended partisan politics, geography, and issue areas to affirm our nation’s highest ideals and committed tens of millions of dollars in new funding to confront these challenges. Philanthropic leadership and solidarity is crucial to protecting our collective future, and GCIR—named the Funders’ Affinity Group of the Year in 2017—stands ready as a resource, partner, and catalyst to grantmakers.

By becoming a GCIR member you make it possible for us to continue providing vital services to grantmakers and guide timely and strategic philanthropic responses to address the most pressing issues facing immigrants and refugees. Our members consistently report that GCIR equips them with new tools and renewed enthusiasm to strengthen their grantmaking.


We invite you to become a member today!

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GCIR Welcomes foundations, corporate-giving programs, other grantmaking organizations, philanthropic advisors, and public funding agencies as members.

Annual Dues

The cost of a one-year membership is based on your foundation's annual grants budget:

Dues Annual Grants Budget
$650 Up to $500,000
$1,250 $500,000 to $1 million
$2,500 $1 million to $5 million
$3,750 $5 million to $10 million
$5,000 $10 million to $15 million
$7,500 $15 million to $25 million
$15,000 $25 million to $50 million
$20,000 $50 million to $100 million
$30,000+ More than $100 million

Individual Membership

  • $500 – For staff and trustees at foundations that prohibit institutional membership, and philanthropic advisors

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