GCIR recognizes that collaboration, both in philanthropy and the field, is essential to creating meaningful and lasting change. As such, we provide various forums for grantmakers—no matter their size, location, experience, or funding priorities—to gather and learn from one another, collaborate on strategy, and maximize their impact. These peer networks help to amplify best practices and share lessons learned with a wider group of funders. Through regular engagement, members cultivate deep relationships that promote more impactful and coordinated efforts, including leveraging tens of millions of dollars for immigrant and refugee issues.


Our standing collaboratives seek to catalyze action on long-term strategic goals, yet can also jump into action after major policy developments to provide rapid response support. Guided by member interests and priorities, these networks have evolved into a broad platforms for collaboration and change leadership.


Our communities of practice seek to connect funders with shared interest in a specific issue area or geographical region. The groups support grantmakers in deepening their knowledge, building relationships, learning from peers, and identifying relevant funding strategies. These networks serve grantmakers ranging from those just beginning their funding journey in the topic area to those with deep experience who are seeking to broaden their connections and share their expertise. 

GCIR is open to supporting the development of additional learning communities, provided there is a critical mass of interested funders and the topic(s) align with our strategic priorities.