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Designed specifically for grantmakers, GCIR's programs provide insight on the key issues facing today's immigrant and refugee communities and their implications for grantmaking. They provide a unique opportunity for funders to increase their knowledge, build skills, and connect with other grantmaking colleagues. Covering the latest developments in the field, GCIR programs feature analyses and best practices from some of the most visionary thinkers and effective practitioners in the nonprofit, philanthropic, business, and government sectors.

GCIR programs include:

  • National convenings: Dedicated to immigrant and refugee grantmaking in the United States, this biennial national convening focuses on both timely and persistent issues facing immigrants and refugees. It typically takes place in June, every even year.
  • Regional briefings: These half-day and daylong sessions are designed by local funders, often in partnership with their regional associations of grantmakers, to examine the local and regional impact of immigration trends and issues.
  • Strategy sessions: Focusing on a specific region or topic, these meetings provide an opportunity for the philanthropic community to engage in in-depth discussions and develop a coordinated plan of action.
  • Teleconferences and webinars: These convenient 90-minute calls and webinars provide grantmakers updates on important immigrant and refugee issues. Briefing topics range from policy developments to pressing and emerging issues in the field.
  • Learning tours: These experiences offer funders an opportunity to visit immigrant neighborhoods, meet with community leaders, and see cutting-edge programs in action.