Response Fund
January 22, 2024

For this final issue, we wanted to highlight our key takeaways from the past year. We hope the findings from our newsletter series will further inform your understanding of the support and services provided by our nonprofit partners and inspire you to invest in their work with migrants. 

GCIR Blog Series
December 7, 2023

In this edition of Amplify, GCIR President Marissa Tirona speaks with Mily Treviño-Sauceda, Executive Director of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas. Read on as Mily shares how the work of farmworker women intersects with fights for migrant, gender, worker, and climate justice, and how philanthropy can support the leadership of women farmworkers. A note to readers: This interview mentions sensitive topics that may be triggering, including sexual harassment and other violence against women. Please take care while reading this article.

President's Message
November 13, 2023

In her quarterly message, President Marissa Tirona calls on philanthropy to act to address forced displacement, the systems that drive it, and secure the safety and dignity not only of those who are forcibly displaced but also of marginalized communities who experience violence and discrimination.

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GCIR Board Feature
November 9, 2023
Normzana Augustin

When you are a Black child in Africa, often the narrative is that our dreams are not valid. However, I am a Zambian who was born and raised on the Continent and was exposed to a multitude of experiences ranging from extreme poverty to traveling to several countries before I turned ten, while also being fortunate enough to play with school friends who came from all over the world. These experiences were critical to instilling confidence in me that my dreams were indeed valid and – even though it is perceived that the Western world and global north holds all the power and resources – what we as Africans had was in fact enough to be happy. However, when I moved to America, those common perceptions started to feel very real, while the dreams seemed nearly impossible.

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Blog Post
November 9, 2023
GCIR logo.png

This past year, GCIR embarked upon an exciting new initiative and formed an internal working group to engage in intersectional and cross-movement analyses and develop an organization-wide action plan to ensure equitable and inclusive policies and practices in GCIR’s internal and external work.

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Response Fund
November 6, 2023

Hello! We’re back with issue #7 of the California Dignity for Families Fund (CDFF) Newsletter Series: Learning for Immigrant Justice. This month we speak with two of CDFF’s nonprofit partners who specialize in working with unaccompanied youth and providing them with legal and social services.

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