Workers' Rights

Join GCIR and leaders from the field as they share their insights and expertise on how to support migrant workers.
August 2021
A fund for tipped and service workers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.
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March 2020
Response Fund
Indigenous migrants have been neglected and made invisible by prevailing attitudes and practices in the U.S., including philanthropy. Grantmakers can do something about it.
June 2019
Issue Brief
This webinar gave funders an overview of the issues facing guest workers and their families, current and proposed policies, and vulnerabilities workers face.
October 2017
This one-hour call will examine the impact of the administration’s policies on low-wage immigrant workers and the role of employers, labor unions, and community-based groups, such as worker centers, in helping to protect their basic rights.
March 2017
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
Monthly Immigration Policy Calls: What Does the Future Hold for Immigrant Workers and their Families?
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