Where Are the Children?

Family Separation Becomes U.S. Immigration Enforcement Policy

Register for this June 27th webinar to learn how philanthropy can respond to support immigrant families.

Refugee & Asylum Seeker Report

Philanthropic Strategies to Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Wondering how to respond to the challenges facing refugees and asylum seekers? Review these 10 case studies.


GCIR is seeking a consultant to assess California organizations in advance of Census 2020. Learn more.

Support UndocuFund

The media has moved on, but many undocumented fire victims in Sonoma County are still in transitional housing or searching for new jobs. 

Help families get through this difficult time: Donate to the UndocuFund.

If Not Now, When?

A Call to Action on Immigration for California Philanthropy

Read this open letter from 14 leading California foundations on how their institutions are supporting immigrants in the face of a wave of restrictive federal policies.

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