Joint Foundation Statement on Immigration

More than 170 philanthropic organizations have signed on to a statement in support of immigrants and refugees, including both foundations and philanthropic support organizations. Join them now.

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Policy Response Resources

Want to understand how new and forthcoming policies will impact immigrants and refugees?

Visit our resource page.

Many immigrants qualify for legal status, even citizenship, under existing law yet are unaware they are eligible.

Our document outlines these options.

Immigrants, Refugees, and Education in America

Bullying, harassment, intimidation, and other hate-based incidents in schools and on college campuses have risen sharply this academic year and are increasing at an alarming rate.

Review our latest resource to learn how educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the country have responded to these troubling developments:

Creating a Safe Environment for Immigrant and Refugee Students, Families, and Communities: Actions for PreK-12 Schools and Higher Education

U.S. Census 2020

The next census will guide more than $4 trillion in federal funding over the next decade. Learn more on our resource page.

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