Defending the Dream

DACA's repeal demands a robust response from philanthropy.

GCIR's statement | Joint statement from CA philanthropic leaders


Wondering how your institution can respond? Consult our brief.

DACA's Termination: What Funders Need to Know in the Immediate Term

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GCIR's Response to Charlottesville

"At this defining moment for our nation, the philanthropic community must act boldly as a unifying force in defiance of racism and deploy resources needed to protect our democracy and bring about equity and justice for all."

Read our full statement and see our members' responses.

Welcome the newest member of the GCIR staff: Bia Vieira, California Program Director

Florida Funder Tour

Join Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees and Florida Philanthropic Network for consecutive one-day tours in Miami and Orlando on October 11 & 12.

Building Whole Communities: Understanding the experience of immigrants for effective grantmaking

Who Are Our Guest Workers?

Funding Recommendations

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Supporting Immigrants and Refugees in Volatile Times: What Philanthropy Can Do

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