• one ban ends, another begins


    Title 42 as an expulsion tool for asylum seekers has ended, but new restrictions going into effect will still largely result in denial of entry to those lawfully seeking refuge & protection.





    The new theory of change reflects GCIR's evolution as a national philanthropic mobilizing organization that moves money and power to immigrant and refugee communities.





    As part of GCIR's evolution, we will grow our work at the state and local levels in the coming years, honing in on eight strategically selected geographies for this first phase of the work.






    The 2022 U.S. midterm elections saw a number of victories for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Philanthropy can help secure future wins by investing in youth, community-driven narratives, and organizing at the state and local levels.

  • Call to Action: Support the Afghan Adjustment Act

    To prevent tens of thousands of Afghans in the U.S. from being returned to a place where they could face grave danger, philanthropy can leverage its influence by advocating for a legislative solution.


  • the fight to preserve daca


    Philanthropy’s support is needed to protect and support DACA holders as the fate of the program hangs in the balance. We must also push for a broader legislative solution to ensure permanent protection for all undocumented people.


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Now is the time to act

Join a growing philanthropic movement, currently 130 foundations strong, to address immigrant-specific issues and advance justice, equity, and inclusion for all.

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Call to Action: Protect the Freedom to Stay

In a disappointing but not unexpected ruling, a federal district court rejected the Biden administration’s attempt to protect approximately 600,000 undocumented individuals from deportation. Yet, there are various strategies philanthropy can deploy at this critical moment.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Connecting the Dots: Mobilizing Philanthropy across Borders

In her second quarterly message, President Marissa Tirona discusses how GCIR is rooting our work as a philanthropy mobilizing organization in a global analysis, and explores how this ties into dismantling white supremacist systems worldwide.