Economic Opportunity & Asset Building

Join this webinar to learn more about the state and local fiscal crisis, lessons learned from the Great Recession, key principles for an equitable response, and how state and local advocates are gearing up for the budget battles to come.
October 2020
Co-Sponsored Program
Latino immigrant families in regions such as the San Joaquin and Imperial Valleys are paying a triple financial toll during the pandemic—at work, at home, and on their health- all while being excluded from economic assistance due to legal status.
October 2020
Issue Brief
Three new Data Hits from the Budget Center highlight the significant contributions that California's immigrants make to the state economy and that children of working immigrant families are far more likely to live in poverty than other children.
Logo for the California Budget and Policy Center. Used in associated with their resource, Data Hits: California's Immigrants Make Significant Contributions to the State Economy; Poverty More Prevalent Among Children of Working Immigrant Families
April 2019
Government Publication
This briefing will address how grantmakers can boost economic prosperity for low- and middle-income immigrants and refugees—and native-born residents alike—by reducing barriers to building wealth. 
May 2018
Regional Briefing
This webinar will share key findings from research commissioned by AFN and GCIR, and participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts from the field who will share lessons and best practices emerging from their work at this critical intersection.
March 2018
Advancing Economic Opportunity for Immigrants and Refugees
Despite immigrants' crucial role in our nation’s economy—the country’s 45 million foreign-born residents represent 13 percent of the U.S. population but 17 percent of its workforce—many lack access to financial services the rest of us take for granted.
Building Partnerships for Change: Engaging and Leveraging Resources for Immigrant Financial Integration
February 2017
The Low-Wage Work in California Data Explorer provides users with graphics, tables, research summaries, interactive visualizations, and downloadable data
Low-Wage Work in California Data Explorer
January 2017
Data Tool
November 2016
Funding Recommendations, Issue Brief
This report looks at CDCUs across the country that have launched micro-loan programs that both help immigrants pay DACA application fee and introduce this predominantly low-income population to mainstream financial services.
A collage of photos, featuring faces of men and women, including a opening of a credit union in Santa Fe and someone looking at a handout. Accompanies GCIR's resource, Dreamer Loan Programs: The Power of Partnerships with Community Development Credit Unions.
August 2014


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