Economic Opportunity & Asset Building

March 2019
‘Empowerment Economics’ – Innovations in Native and Immigrant Approaches to Assets
In this webinar, practitioners will highlight innovative approaches to asset building in native and immigrant communities and how funders can engage.
February 2019
Co-Sponsored Program
February First Monday Discussion
Join the Funders' Committee on Civic Participation (FCCP) as they discuss as the 116th Congress kicks off and the 2020 Presidential race begins. Advocates, policymakers and candidates have the opportunity to set the stage for advancing an economic agenda featuring climate-forward jobs and key priorities. 
May 2018
Regional Briefing
This briefing will address how grantmakers can boost economic prosperity for low- and middle-income immigrants and refugees—and native-born residents alike—by reducing barriers to building wealth. 
March 2018
Advancing Economic Opportunity for Immigrants and Refugees
This webinar will share key findings from research commissioned by AFN and GCIR, and participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts from the field who will share lessons and best practices emerging from their work at this critical intersection.
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