Trafficking, Crime & Violence Survivors

As we recognize National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, many of the essential workers who put food on our tables, keep us healthy, and care for our loved ones continue to be at risk of exploitation. Many foreign-born essential workers, particularly those on temporary worker visas or those lacking work authorization, are victims of wage theft or survivors of human trafficking with few options for leaving those abusive circumstances. Perpetrators traffic individuals into agriculture, restaurant, factory, construction, domestic, and other work, industries in which enforcement of labor protections needs vast improvement. 
January 2022
Issue Spotlight
Join this call to learn about how federal policy will impact trafficking victims and survivors, the existing support infrastructure for survivors, and how philanthropy is responding, from investments in prevention and direct services to systemic solutions.
April 2017
Human Trafficking in the New Immigration Landscape and Philanthropy's Role
This factsheet provides a brief overview of the deportation process and how legal services providers are striving to provide immigrants and refugees with access to affordable, qualified legal services.
March 2017
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