Temporary Protected Status Holders

In her first quarterly message of 2022, GCIR president Marissa Tirona highlights the importance of addressing the root causes of migration; supporting intersectional, transnational, and cross-movement work; and cultivating a thriving and durable immigrant and refugee movement ecosystem.
Marissa Tirona, GCIR
March 2022
President's Message
Find all related program materials for the webinar "The Critical Role of Philanthropy in the TPS Journey for Justice" here, including powerpoint and recording.
September 2019
Program Materials
Our nation has just completed an incomparable year. A wave of restrictionist policies, championed by some and unthinkable to others, have disrupted families and communities, schools and businesses across the nation. In the wake of these changes, what will the New Year hold?
January 2018
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
Monthly Immigration Policy Call: What Will the New Year Bring?
For our November policy call, we will feature our topline policy updates followed by an in-depth discussion about TPS holders, the impact of current policies on TPS families, and what is on the horizon.
November 2017
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
National TPS Conference in DC
This factsheet provides a brief overview of the deportation process and how legal services providers are striving to provide immigrants and refugees with access to affordable, qualified legal services.
March 2017
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