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2020 has been a year unlike any other in our lifetimes. The fourth consecutive year of escalating policy attacks on immigrants and many other marginalized communities.
Sign that says, "Vote Like Your Country Depends On It"
October 2020
President's Message
GCIR was thrilled to have Stacey Abrams—political trailblazer, nonprofit CEO, serial entrepreneur, and New York Times—bestselling author—deliver the keynote address at our 2020 National Convening.
March 2020
Presentation, Video & Audio
Joing Piper Fund's funder briefing to hear from leaders on the front lines in conversation about the challenges they are confronting nationwide, how they are building alliances to fight back and win, and how funders are supporting new networks and campaigns to defend and champion our right to protest.
September 2019
Co-Sponsored Program
Join us for an interactive webinar with two key thought leaders who will explore movement lawyering and how we might engage with this strategy in the current moment.
June 2019
Shows a hundreds of people with signs and flags crowded onto a street in Washington, DC, in a protest against the Muslim ban. The Capitol building can be seen in the center distance. Posted to accompany GCIR's webinar, Movement Lawyering: Reimagining Lawyering before the Immigration System.
Find all program-related materials for the webinar, "No Housing Support for Mixed Status Families? How Philanthropy Can Respond to Proposed HUD Rule" here, including presentation, recording, and other resources.
Materials: No Housing Support for Mixed Status Families? How Philanthropy Can Respond to Proposed HUD Rule
May 2019
Program Materials
It is time for us to dream again—and dream big. We cannot afford to focus solely on resisting our present reality at the expense of designing the future we wish for.
January 2019
President's Message
GCIR's statement on the events in Charlottesville and the rise of white nationalist and supremacist groups nationally.
August 2017
February 2007
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