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Find all program-related materials for GCIR's webinar "Capitalizing on the Courts: Litigation for Immigrant Justice" here, including the session recording and transcription of the meeting.
August 2023
Program Materials
To deepen and expand support for survivors, the Violence Against Women Act's (VAWA) most recent authorization provided more than $500 million in increased resources for survivors of violence, and, importantly, restored the ability of Indigenous courts to hold non-Indigenous individuals accountable for sexual assault. Last November, the Senate went a step further and voted to amend VAWA so that Indigenous Hawaiian survivors of gender-based violence also have access to programs and resources under the act, leaving them better equipped to keep themselves and their communities safe.
April 2023
Issue Spotlight
In this issue, we introduce the concept of holistic case management and explore how it can be a powerful tool for meeting the legal and humanitarian needs of migrants.
February 2023
Response Fund
While there has been a long history of efforts to erase and exclude immigrants, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities, this timeline shows how powerfully communities in Texas have resisted. From Indigenous nations fighting to preserve their culture to BIPOC communities organizing to end the criminalization of Black and Brown lives, people have sought to protect their freedom to move, stay, work, and thrive.
May 2022
Resources from GCIR's 2022 National Convening workshop, "Black Immigrants and the Fight for Racial Justice."
May 2022
Program Materials
In this edition, GCIR President Marissa Tirona speaks with Katherine Perez, Director of the Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy, and Innovation at Loyola Law School. Read on as Katherine shares her thoughts about building power for immigrants with disabilities, working at the intersection of movements, and how philanthropy can support and strengthen the work of immigrants with disabilities.
Katherine Perez
March 2022
GCIR Blog Series
2020 has been a year unlike any other in our lifetimes. The fourth consecutive year of escalating policy attacks on immigrants and many other marginalized communities.
Sign that says, "Vote Like Your Country Depends On It"
October 2020
President's Message
GCIR was thrilled to have Stacey Abrams—political trailblazer, nonprofit CEO, serial entrepreneur, and New York Times—bestselling author—deliver the keynote address at our 2020 National Convening.
March 2020
Presentation, Video & Audio
Joing Piper Fund's funder briefing to hear from leaders on the front lines in conversation about the challenges they are confronting nationwide, how they are building alliances to fight back and win, and how funders are supporting new networks and campaigns to defend and champion our right to protest.
September 2019
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