Intersectional Justice: Migrant Workers and Economic Justice

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 -
10:00am to 11:00am PDT

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 As the country reopens, the demand for temporary workers is on the rise – from the agricultural industry seeking H-2A farmworkers to the hospitality industry seeking H-2B seasonal workers.  However, the temporary worker visa program (aka “guest worker” program) has been rife with investigations into exploitation and abuse of migrant workers, does not provide a pathway for immigrants to stay in the United States, and does not respond to the current migrant flow of families and children seeking refuge.  What are alternatives to the current temporary worker program?  What are the challenges field leaders are facing in the dynamic political environment?  How are groups striving to restore the dignity and rights of people migrating to seek a better life?  Join GCIR and leaders from the field as they share their insights and expertise on how to support migrant workers. 




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Thank you for your interest in this program. GCIR's webinars and funder learning opportunities are made possible through the time and expertise of presenters from the field. In the spirit of transparency, GCIR will make available the list of webinar participants to presenters upon request, unless the registrant requests to remain anonymous (to register anonymously for this program uncheck the box "show in roster")


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Photo: Charlie Kaijo/Creative Commons

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