Disaster & Humanitarian Relief

December 2017
Co-Sponsored Program
Just and Equitable Rebuilding of Cities After Disasters
Join us for this webinar to learn from previous equitable development efforts and the current recovery needs of Puerto Rico and other impacted communities.
November 2017
Funding Recommendations
This five-page brief provides analysis and recommendations that apply to any states that have experienced a natural disaster.
October 2017
Philanthropic News
Fires have been blazing across Sonoma County, California, devastating homes and businesses in their unrelenting path. Elsewhere in the nation, we see news reports about the damage and sympathize with the homeowners and business owners who fled for their lives, suffered injuries, and lost their worldly possessions.
September 2017
Evacuees fleeing Hurricane Harvey flooding
Join this call to learn about unique post-disaster challenges facing immigrants and refugees, particularly those who are low-income and limited English proficient.
May 2017
This brief provides an overview of the philanthropic response and documents best practices and lessons learned that can inform current and future efforts to address the needs of immigrants and refugees in California and across the nation.


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