Disaster & Humanitarian Relief

Join the New Florida Majority and Resilience Force for a conversation about equity in hurricane recovery in florida.
February 2020
Co-Sponsored Program
The Florida Majority and Resilience Force Logos_A Conversation About Equity in Hurricane Recovery in Florida
Please join Northern California Grantmakers and experts to hear about best practices for supporting people with the least access to resources: 1) people with disabilities, 2) immigrants and farm workers, 3) low-income residents, and 4) older adults and seniors.
October 2019
Co-Sponsored Program
A letter and funding recommendations from GCIR's president, Daranee Petsod, on the recent mass shootings, immigration raids, and ongoing border atrocities.
August 2019
President's Message
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is considering what they do – and how they do it – in order to evaluate whether their actions result in the consequences they intend for them.
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which features their acronym in tan, maroon, and blue boxes to the left of their spelled out name and their tagline. Posted to accompany their blog post, Actions Have Consequences.
July 2019
Blog Post
This gathering will bring together local workforce and community leaders and funders to learn about post-fire workforce initiatives underway in the North Bay region.
May 2018
Regional Briefing
Recovery for All? A Funder Conversation on Post-Disaster Workforce Challenges and Opportunities in Sonoma and Napa Counties
This five-page brief provides analysis and recommendations that apply to any states that have experienced a natural disaster.
November 2017
Funding Recommendations
Join this call to learn about unique post-disaster challenges facing immigrants and refugees, particularly those who are low-income and limited English proficient.
September 2017
Evacuees fleeing Hurricane Harvey flooding
This brief provides an overview of the philanthropic response and documents best practices and lessons learned that can inform current and future efforts to address the needs of immigrants and refugees in California and across the nation.
May 2017


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