Disaster & Humanitarian Relief

September 2019
Co-Sponsored Program
Practical Matters: Tools for Supporting Immigrants in Disasters
Join The Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative for a second webinar on their Supporting Immigrants in Disaster series.
July 2019
Blog Post
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which features their acronym in tan, maroon, and blue boxes to the left of their spelled out name and their tagline. Posted to accompany their blog post, Actions Have Consequences.
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is considering what they do – and how they do it – in order to evaluate whether their actions result in the consequences they intend for them.
May 2018
Regional Briefing
Recovery for All? A Funder Conversation on Post-Disaster Workforce Challenges and Opportunities in Sonoma and Napa Counties
This gathering will bring together local workforce and community leaders and funders to learn about post-fire workforce initiatives underway in the North Bay region.
October 2017
Philanthropic News
Fires have been blazing across Sonoma County, California, devastating homes and businesses in their unrelenting path. Elsewhere in the nation, we see news reports about the damage and sympathize with the homeowners and business owners who fled for their lives, suffered injuries, and lost their worldly possessions.
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