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Father and daughter hug
August 2018
Monthly Immigration Policy Call

This webinar will delve deeper into how this crisis is developing for families and explore what is next—and how philanthropy can continue to play a critical role in the response to support families. Our panel of experts will report on how the administration’s policy is evolving, and what we might expect in the coming months.

Monthly Immigration Policy Calls: What is at Stake in the Global Refugee Crisis?
April 2017
Monthly Immigration Policy Call

This call will consider what role U.S. funders can play, both within the United States and internationally, in addressing the needs of displaced and vulnerable men, women, and children.

Monthly Immigration Policy Calls: What Does the Future Hold for Immigrant Workers and their Families?
March 2017
Monthly Immigration Policy Call

This one-hour call will examine the impact of the administration’s policies on low-wage immigrant workers and the role of employers, labor unions, and community-based groups, such as worker centers, in helping to protect their basic rights.

Justice for All: Is Criminal Justice Reform Leaving Immigrants Behind?
May 2017

Join us to learn more about the intersections between criminal justice and immigration systems, how the criminal justice reform and immigrant rights community are responding, and what funders can do at this critical moment.

Family Separation Policies and Access to Justice in Detention Systems
May 2018
Monthly Immigration Policy Call

This policy call considered the administration’s efforts to deny access to justice to immigrants in detention and a recent surprising policy reversal, as well as the long-term view of how denial of access to justice can impact conditions of confinement for immigrants separated from their children and families.