Immigrant Integration

May 2019
Program Materials
Materials: No Housing Support for Mixed Status Families? How Philanthropy Can Respond to Proposed HUD Rule
Find all program-related materials for the webinar, "No Housing Support for Mixed Status Families? How Philanthropy Can Respond to Proposed HUD Rule" here, including presentation, recording, and other resources.
May 2019
The Welcoming New Hampshire logo, which features the logo in blue and brown to the left of a mountain side and two figures dancing, all above the tagline, 'Weaving cultures, building communities.'
Promising Practices & Lessons from Local Communities features programs and strategies emerging from NH III that are beginning to demonstrate community impact.
April 2019
Migration Policy Institute logo, which features a green box with two lighter green arcing symbols like legs and the lowercase letters in dark blue, with the full name spelled out below. Posted in relation to their analysis, “Us” or “Them”? How Policies, Public Opinion, and Political Rhetoric Affect Immigrants’ Sense of Belonging.
This article examines whether the way in which a national boundary is defined—by politicians and ordinary people alike—matters for immigrants’ feelings of belonging.
February 2019
Issue Brief
Collaborative Field-Building to Advance Immigrant Integration
This eight-page issue brief puts a spotlight on an effort supported by the Endowment for Health to further immigrant integration.
April 2018
WIOA 101: What You Need to Know about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
A 33-slide presentation that provides an overview of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA); examines how it serves Latinos and English Language Learners; and considers WIOA's future.
January 2018
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Report
Welcoming Economies Playbook: Strategies for Building an Inclusive Local Economy
This 16-page playbook considers both the “why” and the “how” of building more welcoming local economies, including strategies and best practices.
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