Grantmaking & Philanthropic Collaboration

June 2019
Inside Philanthropy logo, which features their name in blue letters, with the second letter bolded, above the tagline in yellow letters: 'Who's Funding What, and Why.'
A decade ago, when the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) published a report called “Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best,” not everyone was thrilled.
April 2019
Issue Brief
An graphic of hands of multiple skin with the words: "Imagine... An inclusive, vibrant future where all communities thrive is within reach. It's a future where all immigrants flourish." Part of the NCRP issue brief, State of Foundation Funding for the Pro-Immigrant Movement.
Uncover how funders can invest more and in better ways in the rich diversity that fuels the success of our country.
March 2019
Philanthropic News
The Private Money Shaping Public Conversation About Restricting Immigration
This article looks at the think tanks and organizations that push for tougher immigration restrictions and their new influence under the current administration.
January 2019
Why We Must Dream—and Dream Big (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Message from GCIR's Presdient)
It is time for us to dream again—and dream big. We cannot afford to focus solely on resisting our present reality at the expense of designing the future we wish for.
January 2018
Philanthropic News
With the help of Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees, a national network of foundations that has been working on immigrant and refugee issues since 1990, the California grant makers interviewed
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