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How Can I Get My Papers: Lessons from a Decade of Online Legal Intakes for Undocumented Immigrants.
December 2019
Join us at Philanthropy Southwest's 2019 Annual Conference for a workshop that addresses building strong and inclusive communities in the Southwest.
October 2019
Conference Session
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In the United States, citizenship is a unifying force built around a core set of commonly agreed ideals, including the inherent equality of all people. Yet U.S. citizenship law and practice are marked by gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for arbitrary decision-making. Today, those gaps and weaknesses are being exploited to take U.S. citizenship away from members of marginalized groups. 
The report cover of Unmaking Americans, by Open Society Justice Initiative
September 2019
In this brief, Urban Institute uses data from the December 2018 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey to provide the first systematic evidence on the extent of chilling effects among immigrant families before release of a final public charge rule. 
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May 2019
February 2007
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