Integrating Immigrants and Refugees in Rural, Northern New England Communities

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm PDT
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Across the region, rural communities are seeing a decline in native populations and an increase in immigrant and refugee populations from all over the world. These newcomers contribute to the vibrancy and economic prosperity of the community. Yet integrating them into rural areas that are less familiar with immigrants and less-resourced poses distinct challenges. What are the opportunities and challenges facing rural communities and how are funders engaging in these efforts?

In this informational and interactive webinar, funders will learn about:

  • the region’s newcomer population,
  • their contributions to the region,
  • their experiences in this current policy environment, and
  • efforts underway to promote immigrant integration.

We’ll also explore how funders at the local, state, and national levels have integrated an understanding of the needs and contributions of newcomers into their work across multiple funding areas, including health, poverty reduction, economic opportunity, and education. This learning opportunity will ground funders across Northern New England on these important issues and identify what funders can do now to support all communities.




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Calls are open to GCIR members, other grantmaking institutions, philanthropic advisors, and members and staff of funder affinity groups and regional associations of grantmakers. (Participation is limited to organizations that share GCIR’s core values.)


A special thanks to GCIR members and funders for their support in making this program possible.

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 A special thanks to GCIR members and funders for their support in making this program possible.