Unaccompanied Children

May 2019
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
This GCIR webinar will be a virtual roundtable of organizations working along the border and litigating the key issues arising for families seeking asylum.
April 2019
Program Materials
Materials: Through the Eyes of Children
This webinar will delve deeper into how family separation has been experienced by and through the eyes of children, and how those working closest with children are working to give voice to their trauma and create accountability for harm.
January 2019
Border Patrol Agents Dealt with More Children Under Pres. Bush
The Department of Homeland Security recently told Congress that “more children and families are being apprehended between the ports of entry than ever before.” In fact, President Bush’s administration apprehended more children with far fewer resources.
October 2018
Did a 2015 Flores Court Ruling Increase the Number of Families Arriving at the Southwest Border?
This analysis considers the Trump administration's claims that the 2015 Flores settlement agreement led to an increase in the number of families arriving at the United States’ southwest border.
September 2018
Co-Sponsored Program
Members of the Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup will be presenting their findings from get-out-the-count messaging research they conducted to identify messages that resonate with hard-to-count communities. 
May 2017
This brief provides an overview of the philanthropic response and documents best practices and lessons learned that can inform current and future efforts to address the needs of immigrants and refugees in California and across the nation.
May 2016
Funding Recommendations
Central American Refugee and Migrant Children and Families Seeking Protection in the United States: Updated Recommendations for Philanthropic Response
These funding recommendations cover a broad range of options for funders seeking to respond to the Central American unaccompanied minors crisis.
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