Muslim, Arab, South Asians (MASA)

March 2019
GCIR Stands Against Islamophobia and Hate New Zealand Mosque Shooting
All of us at GCIR grieve for the lives lost in Christchurch, New Zealand, and stand in support of their families and Muslim communities across the world. We see you, we mourn with you, and our hearts are breaking along with yours.
January 2019
Co-Sponsored Program
Reflections from the Field: The Two Year Anniversary of the Muslim Ban
Join the Security & Rights Collaborative (SRC) to observe the two year anniversary of the first Muslim and refugee ban going into place: we will hear from field leaders who are working relentlessly to rescind the bans piece by piece.
September 2018
Co-Sponsored Program
Equal Treatment: Public Perceptions of MASA Communities & Implications for Criminal Justice/Immigration Reform
This webinar highlights critical research from the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding in their recent report, Equal Treatment. The goal of the webinar is to articulate the connections between criminalization of MASA communities by law enforcement and broader criminal justice/immigration enforcement practices.
September 2018
A two-page factsheet on the impacts of the proposed "public charge" expansion on women of color.
November 2017
Regional Briefing
Join us for a discussion with key field leaders to learn more about how grassroots-led movements are collaborating on DACA and addressing the sensitive nature of the DACA database.
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