Foundation and nonprofit leaders have been stepping forward in recent days to denounce racist tweets from Donald Trump.
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July 2019
Philanthropic News
At the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health we encourage our Latinx community — many of whom are immigrants — to embrace their power and fight for access to health care in their communities.
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July 2019
Leaders from all quarters of our state and nation are standing up to racist and divisive rhetoric that seeks to divide America for political purposes. We stand with them.
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July 2019
In this brief, Urban Institute uses data from the December 2018 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey to provide the first systematic evidence on the extent of chilling effects among immigrant families before release of a final public charge rule. 
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May 2019
As a Foundation, we believe in the values of equity and dignity. And we believe that all people should be treated with respect and have access to services and opportunities that allow them to thrive. Our work helps build strong, safe, and vibrant communities in California where all people are heard and can make their contribution to realizing the California dream.  
March 2019
Blog Post
A two-page factsheet on the impacts of the proposed "public charge" expansion on women of color.
September 2018
This 15-page report considers Latino children's coverage rate improvements, health coverage inequities, and geographical concentrations of uninsured Latino children.
Latino Children’s Coverage Reaches Historic High, But Too Many Remain Uninsured
December 2016
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