The first in a series of blog posts and webinars for philanthropy on the unique needs of immigrant populations in disasters and how best philanthropy can address those needs.
A mural with the words "Everyone is Welcome," with the first two letters in white and the final one in black on an ochre background. Posted to accompany CDP's blog post, Addressing the Unique Needs of Immigrants Before, During and After Disaster.
June 2019
Blog Post
GCIR is participating at this session, which will take place at Asset Funders Network's Accelerating Ideas into Action conference.
May 2019
Partner Program
Asset Funders Network's logo. Accompanies the program page for Empowerment Economics: Immigrant Integration through Asset Building, a session involving GCIR at AFN's 2019 conference.
This program pairing will provide funders with an opportunity to learn about the urgency of the current immigration context and its impact on Houston’s communities and immigrant families. Over the two days, funders will have the chance to engage and learn about the many challenges facing immigrants.
September 2018
Learning Tour
Houston funder tour
Join this call to learn about unique post-disaster challenges facing immigrants and refugees, particularly those who are low-income and limited English proficient.
September 2017
Evacuees fleeing Hurricane Harvey flooding
This two-day event began with a funders’ briefing in Harlingen, followed by site visits to key destinations in the Rio Grande Valley.
June 2017
Learning Tour
The face of Texas is changing. Over the past two decades, a rising foreign-born population has reshaped the Lone Star state. This infographic considers some of the most dramatic changes--and impacts--that have occurred in the state.
October 2016
Our 2016 national convening was an opportunity to foster shared learning, encourage peer dialogue, and highlight promising practices to help funders to respond to the needs of immigrant and refugee children, youth, and families, while advancing diverse grantmaking priorities ranging from health to education to economic opportunity. 
May 2016
National Convening
#GCIR2016 Logo
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