Criminal Justice & Criminalization

June 2019
Program Materials
Materials: Movement Lawyering: Reimagining Lawyering before the Immigration System
Find all program-related materials for the webinar, "Movement Lawyering: Reimagining Lawyering before the Immigration System" here, including presentation and recording.
May 2019
Artwork showing white guard who is filling out a form while a black man is fed through a machine, out of which flies dollar bills. The work is by James "Yaya" Hough, State Correctional Institution, Phoenix, PA, and titled, I am the Economy.
This report exposes roughly 4,000 corporations that profit from the devastating mass incarceration of our nation’s marginalized communities.
October 2018
Bankrolling Oppression: How Wall Street Companies Finance the Private Prison and Immigrant Detention Industry
As the Trump administration continues to advance policies that further criminalize Black, Brown, and immigrant communities, the private prison and detention industry is experiencing renewed opportunities for growth.
June 2018
Worth Rises logo, featuring their name on the right and a green building on the left with a purple bird flying upwards with a flight path shaded purple to look like a bar chart showing a steady increase. Posted to accompany their resource, Immigration Detention: An American Business.
This report covers the business of immigrant detention, including the number of people detained, for-profit company involvement, the role of government agencies, and the number of facilities involved.
January 2018
Private Prisons: The Cycle of Expansion and Incarceration
This infographic considers the arguments for divesting from private prisons, including their political influence, role in mass incarceration, the tax breaks and revenue they generate, and their cost to taxpayers.
Issue Brief
Divest Invest Image
Now more than ever, grantmakers can’t afford a siloed approach to criminal justice reform. The divest/invest frame offers an immigrant justice lens to systemic problems and potential solutions to end the criminalization of immigrants, refugees and communities of color.
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