Supporting DACA Recipients Ahead of the Supreme Court Decision

Publication date: 
June 2020

Resources for DACA Advocacy


Even as the coronavirus sickens Americans by the tens of thousands—and roughly 29,000 DACA recipients risk their lives as healthcare workers—the Supreme Court may still render a decision on the Administration’s ability to terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

A negative decision from the Court and corresponding action by the Administration could prove catastrophic for millions of American families and hundreds of thousands of employers. More than 200,000 DACA recipients are working in essential occupations, attempting to keep America safe, and the economy afloat. Our ravaged economy cannot absorb another entirely unnecessary blow by forcibly displacing these vital contributors.

We must not deport needed caregivers and productive contributors on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Listed below are resources for DACA recipients and opportunities for advocacy on their behalf—there is a way for each of us to do our part.

DACA recipients have always supported their country; we must do everything in our power to support them, too.

Resources for DACA Recipients and Allies

DACA Renewal Guide
Home is Here
This guide provides step-by-step instructions and other resources to help DACA recipients apply for renewal and has a directory to help DACA recipients across the country access the nearest services and clinics.

Renew DACA and Explore Your Legal Options
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
The ILRC provides guidance on DACA renewals, legal consultations, and the latest changes to the renewal process in response to the coronavirus.

Understand the Potential Outcomes of the DACA Case
National Immigration Law Center
This article outlines the legal question the Supreme Court had considered in November 2019 and the potential conclusions it might reach. Although this article has been written before the Court heard oral arguments, it remains useful to clarify what a negative DACA decision would mean.

Stay Up-to-Date on DACA During Coronavirus
Informed Immigrant
Informed Immigrant is keeping DACA recipients informed on how to renew their status amid USCIS closures, access unemployment benefits, and monitor the Supreme Court’s docket.

Access COVID-19 Support as a DACA Recipient or as an Undocumented Immigrant
Immigrants Rising
This document aggregates resources to help both current DACA recipients and the undocumented navigate the health and economic burdens of the coronavirus crisis.

A Resource Bank for Dreamers
This resource library provides legal, educational, media, and other resources to equip both DACA recipients and allies with the information they need to secure the protections to which they are entitled.

Fact Sheet on Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits During COVID-19
National Employment Law Project
This article helps immigrants determine their eligibility for unemployment benefits during this time of crisis. DACA recipients deserve benefits—this resource will help inform and equip them to access needed support.

Coping Mechanisms for DACA- and Immigration-Related Stress
United We Dream and National Latinx Psychological Association
This guide was made before the coronavirus upended lives, but it is particularly important in this moment to help immigrants manage anxiety about both public health and personal safety.

Advocacy Efforts to Delay a Negative DACA Decision

Petition for the Court to Delay a DACA Decision
United We Dream
Please sign this petition to ask that the court delay a decision in light of the coronavirus crisis.

We Are With Dreamers Sign-On Statement
Emerson Collective, The Immigration Hub, Center for American Progress, Home is Here, and
If you are the leader of an organization and you’re concerned about the pending DACA decision, please consider joining this statement, which will be released publicly in the event of a negative Supreme Court decision to reaffirm our commitment to Dreamers.

Social Media Toolkit for DACA Advocacy
Home is Here
This resource helps contextualize DACA within the coronavirus crisis. We encourage you to amplify stories of DACA recipients on the frontlines, or to share your own story about DACA in this moment.

Advocacy Guide to Protect Dreamers
National Immigration Forum
A compendium of fact sheets, talking points, economic data, guidance for congressional outreach, and multimedia resources in support of Dreamers.

Higher Ed Toolkit to Prepare for the DACA Decision
Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration
This toolkit provides leaders in higher education with sample press statements, social media posts, and more. DACAmented students deserve the support of their campus community.

Stand with DACAmented Employees
American Business Immigration Coalition
Please refer business leaders to the ABIC website, and urge them to support and advocate for the DACA recipients on their payrolls during this vulnerable time.

California Immigrant Resilience Fund
California Immigrant Resilience Fund
California started raising relief money for undocumented immigrants, who are left out of the federal stimulus package. DACAmented immigrants often come from mixed-status families, who are also excluded from federal stimulus checks but deserve financial support. Please use this social media toolkit to spread the word and hold up California’s commitment to the undocumented as a model for other states to follow.

NowThis Videos About the DACA Decision and Its Potential Impact
These short explainer videos amplify the stories of Dreamers and explain how a negative DACA decision would drastically disrupt their lives. Sharing these videos on social media lends urgency and visibility to this important issue while the news cycle remains vigilantly focused on the pandemic.

Recent Media Highlighting the Contributions of DACA Recipients in the Fight Against Coronavirus
Center for American Progress, New American Economy, CATO Institute, The Washington Post
These publications point to the vital contributions of Dreamers who would likely lose their jobs and face deportation if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Administration. Circulating these pieces will help illuminate the profound implications of terminating DACA.