Reforming the Immigration System: A Brief Outline

Publication date: 
November 2020

With the election of a new president, Congress has the opportunity to correct the two fundamental flaws that plague the current U.S. system. First, the system is too restrictive, which leads to violations of the law by immigrants who fail to qualify, lengthy wait times for immigrants who do qualify, and lost benefits to Americans who wish to interact with both. Second, the system is too inflexible to adapt to new economic or social conditions, allowing initially small or local problems to build into national crises.

What follows is a compendium of 52 reform ideas to correct these two major flaws—first, in the enforcement of violations of the immigration system and then, in the implementation of a less restrictive and more flexible legal immigration system. Its central theme is that these two components interact. An easier‐​to‐​navigate system that adapts to changing conditions will encourage and enable compliance with the laws, while benefiting both immigrants and Americans...

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