GCIR 2022 Annual Report: Moving Money, Moving Power

Publication date: 
March 2024

Dear Colleagues:

2022 was a year of continued growth and evolution for GCIR. We continued to expand our staff capacity—including adding new members to our talented programs team— and we leaned into our roles of convenor, amplifier, and mobilizer. We:

  • created spaces for learning while promoting strategies that are intersectional, cross-movement, and liberatory;
  • partnered with and amplified the voices, expertise, and experience of immigrant and refugee leaders; and
  • mobilized resources by modeling and encouraging philanthropic practices that cede and seed power to immigrant and refugee communities.

This evolution was not limited to our external-facing work; we also continued to implement internal systems and policies that promote and facilitate equity, inclusion, and learning. As I have often said, my job as GCIR’s President is to create the conditions in which others thrive and succeed, and—in 2022—we co-created and implemented cultural and operational practices to support our individual and collective sustainability and thriving.

At GCIR, we talk about doing our work in a networked way, and we could not have accomplished all that we did in 2022 without the many movement, field, funder, and government partners we have collaborated with along the way. Your support, mutuality, and reciprocity helped us create strategic opportunities to move money and power to immigrant and refugee communities and to galvanize stakeholders and decision-makers to resource a robust immigration and refugee rights power-building ecosystem. We are grateful for your leadership and solidarity.


Marissa Tirona 

Review the full report to learn more about GCIR's work in 2022.

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