Webinar: Philanthropy & the 2020 Census: What a Fair and Accurate Count Means for Ending Homelessness

Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 9:00am PST
Census Operations Series Part 7: Census 101


Census 2020 operations are underway as the country prepares for Census Day on April 1, 2020. All a driver of important funding and policy decisions, the Census also impacts the work to prevent and end homelessness across the country. So, what does this mean for philanthropy, and how can funders work within states and communities to ensure a fair and accurate count of people experiencing homelessness or housing instability and other hard-to-count populations?

In this webinar, we will explore where current Census operations are, why philanthropy investing in housing and homelessness programs should care about the count, what some of the concerns and barriers are to counting people experiencing homelessness, and how funders can be an integral part in fair and accurate Census efforts in their community. We will also hear from the Polk Bros Foundation in Chicago on its role in the Illinois Count Me In 2020 campaign, how it supports efforts outside of funding, and the importance of bringing in funders from other sectors through mindful collaboration and coordination.

Learning Objectives

We hope that participants will walk away from this webinar with:

  • Knowledge about what the current Census 2020 operational timeline;
  • An understanding about the importance of the Census 2020 count's impact on housing and homelessness programs and efforts;
  • Information about the concerns and barriers to counting people experiencing homelessness and other hard-to-count populations;
  • And tangible steps and actions funders can take in their communities to support grantees and ensure a fair and accurate count of people experiencing homelessness.


  • Deborah Bennett, Polk Bros Foundation
  • Jocelyn Bissonnette, Funders Committee for Civic Participation
  • Terri Ann Lowenthal, Funders Committee for Civic Participation
  • Meghan Maury, National LGBTQ Task Force

Please noteThis webinar is only open to members of Funders Together, private funders, United Ways, and philanthropy-serving organizations. If you have questions about participating, please contact Stephanie Chan, Director of Membership and Programs, at [email protected]

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Lauren Bennett · [email protected]