Somali Family Service of San Diego: COVID-19 Relief Fund

Friday, April 24, 2020

Somali Family Service of San Diego seeks to meet the urgent needs of refugee and immigrant families in San Diego impacted by COVID-19. The communities that we serve experience housing and food insecurity, are often from low-income households, and have difficulty navigating systems and resources due to cultural and language barriers. Therefore, they are hit particularly hard by the current crisis. 

We have had over 180 families contact us for help with their most urgent needs which are: access to food, rental and utility bills, and transportation. Families have indicated that they require assistance with accessing CalFresh and health insurance, purchasing essential supplies like water and baby products, and issues due to loss of employment. 

How you can help: We are urgently in need of emergency funds to support the communities that we serve as they navigate this pandemic. We hope to keep our communities safe and healthy while also addressing their worsening precarity. Our current goal is to be able to provide emergency assistance of up to $500 to at least 200 immigrant and refugee families in San Diego. This emergency assistance will support rent and utility payments, grocery bills, and medical expenses. 

More information about Somali Family Service of San Diego: Somali Family Service has been serving immigrant and refugee populations in San Diego for the past twenty years. Guided by our community champions, we empower immigrants, refugees, and other underserved communities in San Diego through our programs that promote health, educational and economic success, and leadership development.

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