New York State Youth Leadership Council: Emergency Funds for Undocumented Youth and Families during COVID-19

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Undocumented folks do not have the same safety nets provided to other members of our community. Many undocumented people work in jobs that are most vulnerable to exposure to the virus and the shutdown. There is already limited access to healthcare, so undocumented people should have the resources to be able to take care of themselves. Create a fundraiser in this campaign and help us reach our goal; Share the campaign on social media and directly with friends; Help us with outreach by sending us a quote about why this fundraiser matters.

The NYSYLC is the first undocumented, youth-led organization in New York. We are working to raise funds to support undocumented youth and their families in New York City during the time of COVID-19. Our goal is to raise funds to provide emergency and preventative resources to those at financial risk. 

We seek to provide support specifically for undocumented folks whose livelihoods are being affected by COVID-19. Whether it’s from a decline in business for street vendors or being laid-off in domestic and restaurant jobs, it’s important to remember that:

We are specifically asking for donations and support from allies. Allies can support us by doing the following:

- donating

- sharing with your network

- joining our campaign team and creating a page on your fundraiser 

*For logistics and transparency: Money raised will go directly to the New York State Youth Leadership Council and will then be distributed to directly impacted individuals and families on an as-needed basis, until the funds raised are completely distributed. 

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