Essential but Excluded Fund

Friday, June 5, 2020

FLIC's “Essential but Excluded Fund” is providing emergency support to low-income families whose marginalization exists in the intersection of immigration and poverty. 

Immigrant families have been heavily impacted by the loss of wages caused by Covid-19:
    - Many do not have access to paid time off
    - Most are ineligible to receive unemployment benefits
    - Many remain excluded from federal relief programs 

Immigrants are also facing greater risk of Covid-19 exposure as they support industries that are essential to our survival. In Florida:
    - Grocery stores, warehouses, and delivery services are powered by immigrants
    - Nearly 60% of farmworkers working the fields unprotected are immigrants
    - Almost half of home healthcare aids were born outside the U.S. 
    - 25% of nurses who are on the frontline of this pandemic are immigrants

Despite the fact that immigrant workers are essential, they are often excluded from basic protections. Support immigrant workers and families by contributing to “FLIC's Essential but Excluded Fund” today. 100% of the fundraised amount will be allocated to families facing urgent needs.

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