City Heights Community Development: COVID-19 Relief Fund

Friday, April 24, 2020

Nearly all of the thousands of people currently living on the streets of San Diego county are there because they couldn’t pay their rent, and that number will sky rocket if unemployed families aren’t offered either a way to pay their rent or forgiveness of their debt.  

Our One Month Away program provides one-time funds of up to $1000 to help low-income renters who do not have enough income to pay rent, either because of a COVID-19 job loss or a personal emergency (usually medical or job-related). We launched this program in October 2019 to prevent low-income, at-risk tenants from being evicted and ending up on the streets.

Clients provide proof of income/loss of income and of their rental lease and the check is sent directly to the landlord or property manager.  We are currently one of the very few organizations providing rental assistance funding and prioritizing immigrants and undocumented renters. Our expert case workers receive 20-40 calls a day now and we recently added another staff member to help handle the growing number of requests. Donations from compassionate neighbors like you enable us to offer this service, so thank you!

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