CIELO: Undocu-Indigenous Fund

Friday, April 10, 2020
Currently, due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing that this is disproportionally affecting undocumented indigenous people. Given that most of the workers in the service sector, housekeepers and restaurant are undocumented-indigenous many have lost their income and cannot apply for unemployment or receive any help from the federal government. They also have limited access to the relief funds that require documentation to receive funds, which creates a fear of reaching out for help. 
In response to this need CIELO created the Undocu-Indigenous fund, to specifically address the challenges and allocate resources to Indigenous undocumented communities in Los Angeles to help with their well being. Well being can be defined as having a roof over your head to food on the table and in these times of crisis these basic needs are not being met, which is a violation of human rights and the sovereignty of our peoples. Our goal is to allocate these funds to the most vulnerable communities during this pandemic and outreaching to the indigenous communities in Los Angeles. 
If you would like to donate, please contact [email protected]
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