CLARKSTON: Mother of Exiles, Film Discussion

The global refugee crisis is evidence of what happens when contempt, hostility, and tribalism consume a country.  The Clarkston community, which has welcomed over 60,000 refugees since 1980, should serve as a warning for our country. Each resettled refugee represents a life destroyed by societies who valued their ideology over their humanity. Ironically, Clarkston became a rich tapestry of diversity and peace as a result of violence and war.  Watch a clip from the documentary film, and discuss with the filmmakers how film can be used as a tool to share stories of people from wildly diverse backgrounds and cultures making the radical and deliberate choice to live peacefully with one another.

  • Kato Dsenabulya, Production Assistant
  • Din Blankenship, Director & Producer
  • Erin Bernhardt, Director & Producer
Date & Time: 
Thursday, March 12, 2020 -
2:15pm to 3:45pm EDT