CA Dignity for Families Fund - Funders

We are incredibly grateful to the following supporters of the California Dignity for Families Fund.



“Migrant families desperately need a restored asylum process and streamlined humanitarian relief at the border,” said Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and President of Emerson Collective. “I commend Governor Newsom’s leadership and hope others will join these efforts.” 

“Addressing the humanitarian crisis at the California border requires meaningful long-term investment in infrastructure and system change,” said Antonia Hernández, President and CEO of the California Community Foundation. “The support of public-private partnerships like the California Dignity for Families Fund and innovative programs like the L.A. Justice Fund, which ensures due process and protections for immigrant families, are critical to meet the needs of our most vulnerable migrant communities. When the state, counties, cities, and philanthropy work together across sectors, sustainable solutions are possible.”

“The Haas, Jr. Fund believes in community, family, and human rights, and we look forward to working with other funders through the California Dignity for Families Fund to help make our southern border more reflective of our nation’s highest ideals,” said Cathy Cha, President and CEO of the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. “By working together, philanthropy can ensure that immigrants at the border have access to critical services and supports, and that they are treated with the dignity they deserve.”

“Immigrant families who are striving to create better, safer, more secure lives for themselves in California should receive respect and care as they forge their new paths,” said Nicole Taylor, President and CEO of Silicon Valley Community Foundation. “This new fund will help uphold this ideal, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation is proud to be part of this effort.”

“TCE is pleased to join our philanthropic colleagues in support of this effort, and it will require a concerted public-private partnership to bring some measure of dignity and humanitarian support to families impacted by this crisis,” said Dr. Robert K. Ross, President and CEO of The California Endowment.

"Vulnerable children and families are in urgent need of humanitarian aid and refuge," said Miguel A. Santana, President and CEO of the Weingart Foundation. "We are proud to contribute to this Fund, which will create systems to protect families seeking asylum and support their long-term well-being."