The Kresge Foundation

Troy, MI 48084-2818
Total Grantmaking Budget: 
Over $100 million

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September 2019
Philanthropic News

Changes in administration often lead to shifts in policy with real-world impact on funding for nonprofits. Under President Donald Trump, no sector has been harder hit than nonprofits that serve refugees and immigrants.

Universal Representation: Behind a Public-Private Partnership Effort to Defend Immigrants
February 2019
Philanthropic News

A look at a network of providers and funders, their effort to provide legal representation for all immigrants facing deporation, and the transformational impact of that representation.

Philanthropy Responds to Inhumane Family Separation and Detention Policies
June 2018

More than 200 philanthropic institutions from across the country have signed onto this joint GCIR statement in support of children and families seeking refuge in the United States.

September 2019

Produced by Public Sector Consultants and supported by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Kresge Foundation and Skillman Foundation, this report creates a multifaceted view of immigrant and refugee supporting organizations in Southeast Michigan.