Combating Hate and Building AAPI Immigrant Power

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The mass shootings in Atlanta on March 16 that took the lives of eight individuals—six of whom were Asian women—drew national attention. These senseless murders and the surge in anti-Asian hate incidents during the Covid-19 pandemic are the latest attacks in a long history of discrimination, harassment, scapegoating, and violence against Asian immigrant communities—particularly women and the elderly—that dates back centuries and is rooted in white supremacy and misogyny. Yet, much of this history has been rendered invisible, along with the pain these communities have suffered and the remarkable resilience they have shown. 

Today, amid the recurring tragedy, grief, and trauma, AAPI groups are building multi-racial coalitions and leading intersectional responses to combat anti-Asian violence, build durable AAPI power, and dismantle the white supremacist structures that oppress all immigrants and communities of color.

GCIR stands in solidarity with our AAPI sisters and brothers. We are proud to be a part of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta’s Community Centered Response to Violence Against Asian American Communities and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy’s Call for Solidarity and Collective Action. We know the path to true justice and belonging for immigrant communities requires not only addressing hate and violence in the short term but also building lasting community power over the long term. And we believe philanthropy has a vital role to play.

This month, GCIR will host a webinar to amplify the work and voices of key AAPI movement leaders. See below for details and join us to hear about immediate community needs as well as opportunities to invest in ongoing AAPI power-building efforts. Together, let’s seize the momentum of this moment and ensure that these issues—and the people most impacted by them—never again fade from view.