Public Charge

June 2018
Co-Sponsored Program
Join NCG for a thoughtful discussion with a multi-sector group of leaders who are working together to protect the wellbeing of low-income immigrant families and fight against a change to the public charge rule.
June 2018
”Public Charge” Rule Would Disrupt Safety-Net Access for Some Immigrants
The Trump administration plans to make it more difficult for immigrants to use a broad range of programs in the health and human service safety net.
June 2018
Chilling Effects: The Expected Public Charge Rule and Its Impact on Legal Immigrant Families’ Public Benefits Use
This report analyzes American Community Survey data on use of public benefits to understand the potential magnitude of the draft "public charge" rule’s effects.
April 2018
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
A Guide to the New 'Public Charge' Rules: What is Public Charge and How Can Organizations and Funders Respond to Support Family and Child Well-Being
This month’s edition of GCIR’s Monthly Immigration Policy Calls will provide an in-depth review of this regulation, explore the meaning of ‘public charge,’ and highlight how a campaign,  “Protecting Immigrant Families, Advancing Our Future,” is uniting a cross-sector of key national, state, and local level organizations to protect and defend access to health care, nutrition programs, public services, and economic supports for immigrants and their families.


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