Immigration Policy

May 2019
Woods Fund Chicago logo, which features the first two words of their name in large dark text, with Chicago below it in blue, and a cityscape-esque collection of four-sided shapes in shades of blue on the left. Posted to accompany their statement, Woods Fund Statement on the HUD Proposed Rule Change.
We oppose any restriction to human services and supports for eligible individuals and families, and support immigrant families seeking safety and quality of life.
May 2019
National Low Income Housing Coalition logo, which features their name on the right in black letters and a series of blue triangles, blocks, and half circles on the left.
More than 25 organizations across the country are sending a message to HUD Secretary Carson and President Trump: the mixed-status family proposed rule is cruel and does nothing to alleviate the affordable housing crisis.
April 2019
American Immigration Council logo, which features those words on the right and a blue road heading off into a darker blue background on the left. Posted to accompany AIC's report, The Role of Contact and Values in Public Attitudes Toward Unauthorized Immigrants.
This report seeks to analyze the reasons why people are likely to hold particular attitudes about immigrants.
June 2018
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
In the first eight months of the Trump administration, arrests and deportations of immigrants rose 40 percent versus the year before. Yet it may not last. A new report from Migration Policy Institute finds it is “unlikely” the current level of removals will continue.
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