Immigrant Integration

Immigrants in Oregon and Washington: Creating an Inclusive and Dynamic Future for All

This 20-page report considers the impacts and opportunities presented by the growing number of immigrants in Oregon and Washington. The report includes overviews of newcomers’ impacts on the two states’ demographics, economics, and educational systems; a review of national policy implications for immigrants in the region; and a set of funding recommendations for local, state, regional, and national funders.

Immigrants in the U.S. South: Expanding Opportunities for Integration, Inclusion, and Economic Growth

The South's demographics are changing. Immigrant newcomers are transforming the region's economy and culture. This brand-new report examines the challenges and opportunities that these recent developments pose for local, regional, and national grantmakers.

Integrating Immigrant Families in Emergency Response, Relief and Rebuilding Efforts

With one out of five households in the United States speaking a language other than English at home, and more than 18.4 million foreign-born residents over the age of five speaking English less than very well, overcoming language barriers has become an increasingly vital element to emergency preparedness.

The Vital Role of Community Colleges in the Education and Integration of Immigrants

Community colleges have become an important force for change in adult basic education. They are playing an expanding role in meeting the educational and vocational needs of immigrants and refugees, especially those facing the dual challenge of earning a degree or certificate while learning English.

Expanding Immigrant and Refugee Funding in Minnesota: What Foundations and Nonprofits Can Do

This report examines the patterns, trends, and gaps in the philanthropic support of immigrants and refugees among Minnesota foundations. Recent demographic trends make immigration a front-burner issue for the state. During the 1990s alone, Minnesota's foreign-born population doubled.

Illinois Takes Lead to Promote Immigrant Integration

The New Americans Executive Order was created to outline immigrant integration strategies that are helpful to communities in the state of Illinois and beyond.  Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, the son of immigrant parents, hopes the initiative will make the American dream accessible for more families and create an example to help build stronger communities around the country.

Immigrant and Refugee Integration: New Films About the Experiences of Newcomers in America

This publication highlights a selection of top-quality documentary films that illuminate the immigrant experience and issues of integration such as English acquisition, education, employment, health, economic contributions, family cohesion, and Transnationalism. This new resource was curated by Active Voice in partnership with Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees and Grantmakers in Film & Electronic Media. For a hard copy of this report please contact GCIR.

Immigrants and Intergroup Relations in the 21st Century: New Challenges, New Opportunities

This paper responds to the growth of the immigrant and refugee population and the resulting increase in diversity in rural and urban communities across the United States. It seeks to enhance grantmakers’ understanding of intergroup relations within the dynamic context of immigration and to identify effective strategies for foundations to consider.

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