Consultant RFP: COVID-19 Relief Funding for Immigrants

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Proposed Consultancy

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) seeks to engage a consultant or team of consultants to document immigrant COVID-19 direct relief funds, in particular highlighting lessons learned for philanthropy in establishing these funds, supporting them optimally, and tapping their utility beyond crisis response. Relief funds span those created by state and local governments, philanthropies, and nonprofit organizations across the country.

The consultant or team of consultants would:

  1. Catalogue immigrant relief funds based on guidance from GCIR to narrow down the universe of approximately 200 funds
  2. Document insights on various models, impacts, best practices, challenges, and lessons
  3. Explore the role of philanthropy in leveraging government support and building the capacity of community-based organizations
  4. Identify policy recommendations that can be adopted at the federal, state, and local levels to increase equitable access to relief funding for undocumented immigrants and other marginalized communities.

About GCIR

Founded in 1990, GCIR works with more than 130 member foundations and the broader philanthropic community to inform, connect, and catalyze funders to address pressing issues facing newcomers and the communities in which they live and work. GCIR’s thought leadership and expertise position philanthropy to adapt to demographic trends, respond to policy developments, engage with cross-sector partners, and support timely and innovative efforts to advance equity, inclusion, and justice for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Research Goals

The overall goal of this project is to inform future emergency relief efforts, encourage philanthropic and public-sector leadership and investment, and support policy and systems change that addresses longstanding structural inequities.

Scope of Work

This project entails secondary research, 50-70 funder and field interviews, possibly other survey methodologies, and extensive qualitative and quantitative analyses. The primary deliverables include the following:

  1. Development and implementation of a research plan with clearly defined methodologies
  2. Production of a report/toolkit that contains the following components:
    1. Executive summary
    2. A brief summary of data collection methods
    3. Overview of various immigrant-focused models
    4. Summary of key lessons, insights, and best practices
    5. Recommendations for funding future relief efforts and for policy change
    6. A call to action to public-sector and philanthropic leaders
    7. A resource appendix with a brief overview of each relief fund examined by the project
  3. A PowerPoint presentation highlighting key findings and recommendations
  4. Infographics, blog posts, or other collateral materials

Proposed Timeline

RFP Release: Dec 2nd

Optional Q&A Session: Dec 10th*

Proposals Due: Jan 5th

(Select) Interviews: Jan 18th- 29th

Contract Award: Week of Feb 1st 

Field Work and Analysis: Feb & March

Draft Report: April 28th

Final Report & Materials: May 28th

Participate in a Presentation of Findings: TBD June/July

*GCIR will hold an optional Q&A session on Dec 10th at 10am PT for interested bidders; any questions should be submitted at that time. Participation is not required to submit a proposal and there will be no formal presentation from GCIR, rather the project director will respond to any questions posed. To register, please email [email protected].

The selected consultant or team of consultants will regularly liaise with the Director of National Programs to provide relevant updates, collaborate, and seek &/or receive guidance.

Application Process

Interested consultant(s) should submit:

  • CV and cover letter including overview of relevant research experience and knowledge of immigrant communities, immigration, and/or COVID-19 and other disaster relief
  • Proposed scope of services, methodology and workplan with timeline
  • Proposed budget, including hourly rate and total estimated hours
  • At least 2 research writing samples
  • List of 2-3 client references and their contact information

Please submit proposals to [email protected] no later than Jan 5th at 5:00pm PT.

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