Mapping Hard to Count (HTC) Communities for a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census

Publication date: 
September 2018
You can use the map to:
  • Prioritize hard-to-count communities for your Get Out the Count campaign
  • You can zoom to any area in the country and the map will highlight the local hard-to-count tracts and provide details about how much of the area's population may be at risk of an undercount. You can also view local resources in hard-to-count areas such as public library branches.
  • Search by census tract, address, ZIP Code, landmark, county, state, or legislative district
  • The map color-codes the hardest-to-count tracts in the country. You can click on or tap any tract (or search by address) to find out important population information, such as:
    • How many households mailed back their census questionnaire in 2010 (i.e., how much of the tract may require more costly in-person follow up by the Census Bureau in 2020); and
    • How much of the tract is populated by groups that are at risk of being undercounted, such as children under 5, households with poor internet access, recent immigrants, and more.
  • Enhance your educational campaign supporting an adequate Census budget
  • When you search for a district, the information panel to the left of the map provides contacts for each congressional & state representative and US Senator.