GCIR Strategic Plan: 2016-2018

Publication date: 
January 2016
GCIR Strategic Plan: 2016-2018

GCIR’s strategic plan seeks to engage philanthropy in improving the lives of immigrants and refugees. The plan focuses principally on children, youth, and young adults as members of families across immigrant generations, with particular attention on those living in poverty and/or who are part of the low-wage workforce. In executing the plan, GCIR strives to play a strategic, value-added, and high-impact role, particularly at the local, state and regional levels.

Key Strategies 

  • Engaging funders in coordinated or collaborative endeavors, including local-national funding partnerships, to maximize available philanthropic resources;
  • Partnering with funder networks, regional grantmaker associations, and other philanthropy-serving organizations; and
  • Targeting geographic areas with sufficient philanthropic presence that either have large numbers of immigrants or newer immigrant populations.

Priority Areas 

  • Rights and justice: Highlight laws, policies, trends, programs, and practices that impact fundamental rights, opportunities, and social and economic justice.
  • Economic integration: Uplift efforts that enhance education and skills; support English acquisition; expand training and employment options; and promote asset-building and financial inclusion.
  • Civic integration: Promote civic integration and support leadership development.
  • Special opportunities: Respond to nascent, new, and/or emerging issues where GCIR can play a leadership role.
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