Covid-19 Resources for Undocumented Californians

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March 2020
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A list of resources for undocumented Californians affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


As COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the “coronavirus,” begins to make its impact in the United States, we want to take this moment to remind undocumented youth and their families to prioritize their health to the best of their abilities.

Though health access for our community has been long fought for, there are still gaps that leave us specifically vulnerable to health threats, such as this pandemic. From medical neglect at private detention centers, to being less likely to be allowed to stay home from work, undocumented people face challenges that are specific to our community that we want to to address and ask allies to pay particular attention to amidst the panic.

Amongst these challenges, here are some of the obstacles that affect undocumented immigrants the most:

Not all of us can take paid time off.

As we use social distancing to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, this also means undocumented people might have had hours reduced at work, or have been completely cut off from being able to work. We understand that this might create financial instability, and want to encourage folks to utilize crowdsourcing online (using pages such as GoFundMe, or personal Venmo accounts) to reach out for support. If so, please feel free to tag CIYJA on any posts you would like us to uplift, and we would ensure to push out on our platforms. 

Cities like San Francisco are protecting tenants from evictions during these times, we want to also encourage folks to (safely) organize their apartment complexes, units, neighborhoods to demand landlords hold off on rent for the next few months as we collectively work through this pandemic. The governor of California has encouraged localities to halt evictions, slow foreclosures, and protect against utility shut offs during this time, so we encourage folks to reach out to landlords and inform them of this.


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