Young Children and the California Census: Where Should We Focus Our Efforts

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm EST
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In 2010,  the Census missed over 2  million children ages 0-4 nationwide, and the net undercount was almost 1 million. In California, the net undercount of young children was more than 100,000, second highest in the nation. This was by far the biggest net undercount of any age group, and the second biggest net undercount was children ages 5 to 9. Young children are missed in the Census for different reasons than adults, and we need to work differently to count children than to count adults. Most young children were missed when the adults in their household returned the form but left the child off.  Methods current available for identifying areas where young children will be difficult to enumerate in the 2020 Census are not adequate.  New method(s) need to be developed to make our 2020 Census outreach effort efficient and effective.  

In this webinar researcher Bill O’Hare will explore the reasons that young children are missed. He will also offer a preview of his work with the Population Research Bureau that will be available next summer to help census advocates and outreach efforts identify where young children are most at risk of being missed, and identify which factors are most important in different areas. For anyone planning census outreach in California, this webinar will help you customize your outreach for young children.


  • Dr William O’Hare, Advisor to the Census Bureau and the Count All Kids Campaign
  • Deborah Stein, Partnership for America’s Children and staff to the Count All Kids Campaign


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