Movement Lawyering: Reimagining Lawyering before the Immigration System

Shows a hundreds of people with signs and flags crowded onto a street in Washington, DC, in a protest against the Muslim ban. The Capitol building can be seen in the center distance. Posted to accompany GCIR's webinar, Movement Lawyering: Reimagining Lawyering before the Immigration System.
Monday, June 3, 2019 -
10:00am to 11:00am PDT
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No one should face a potentially life-changing legal decision without representation that utilizes the best strategic thinking. Conditions are sobering: only 37 percent have access to legal representation, including women and children; detention capacity continues to expand; and the current administration is in the process of reshaping immigration courts and the federal bar. The immigration legal services infrastructure, attorneys, accredited representatives, and allies are under significant strain with rapid shifts in policy that present new and complicated legal challenges, as well as a roller coaster of changes in funding and support. In this pressurized moment, lawyers, organizers, and movement builders are seeking out new strategies and evaluating what is working and where practices or approaches could be refined or reimagined. Join us for an interactive webinar with two key thought leaders who will explore movement lawyering and how we might engage with this strategy in the current moment.





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Photo: Ted Eytan / Creative Commons

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