Change The Terms: What Philanthropy Can do to Stop Hate Online

Change the Terms Logo: Change The Terms: What Philanthropy Can do to Stop Hate Online
Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 11:00am PDT

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We know that technology today is being used to incite hate, to turn that hate into violence, to plot dangerous activities that threaten communities, and to normalize an environment where people, especially from diverse backgrounds, are threatened and afraid. Given the use of social media platforms and other online tools to facilitate hateful deadly violence recently in El Paso, Christchurch, Pittsburgh and elsewhere, we believe it is important that philanthropy understand the issues involved and what can be done. 

Change The Terms is a coalition of civil, digital, and human rights groups that has developed comprehensive model policies for internet companies to reduce hate on their platforms. The coalition is now working to push companies to adopt these model policies. It is also educating the public through a major media campaign, and organizing civil, human, and digital rights groups to have an organized front in pushing companies for change. 


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