Immigrant Children, Youth & Families

May 2019
Regional Briefing
This in-person program will feature the lived experiences of experts from various communities impacted by family separation, as well as reflections from funders involved in philanthropic responses.
April 2019
Monthly Immigration Policy Call
Two smiling girls at a desk in a classroom with two more students behind them. Posted in conjunction with GCIR's webinar, Monthly Immigration Policy Call: April.
This webinar will delve deeper into how family separation has been experienced by and through the eyes of children, and how those working closest with children are working to give voice to their trauma and create accountability for harm.
March 2019
Program Materials
Materials: National Emergency Declaration 03.18.19
Find the recording of the webinar, "National Emergency Declaration: Implications for the Rule of Law and Our Democracy" here.
November 2018
Program Materials
Materials: Immigration Policy After the Midterms: What Can Funders Expect?
Find all program-related materials for the webinar, "Immigration Policy After the Midterms: What Can Funders Expect?" here, including presentation and recording.
July 2018
Philanthropic News
Foundations Break Their Grant Guidelines and Speed Cash to Immigrant Needs
Private foundations, including some that have never supported immigration issues before, have dedicated millions of dollars in quick-turnaround grants to provide legal and health services for immigrant families caught up in the Trump administration’s "zero tolerance" immigration policies.
July 2018
Issue Brief
Trump’s Family Incarceration Policy Threatens Healthy Child Development
This issue brief outlines the Trump adminstration's policies regarding family detention and the negative effects of these policies on the health and well-being of immigrant children and their parents.
May 2018
Detached and Afraid: U.S. Immigration Policy and the Practice of Forcibly Separating Parents and Young Children at the Border
This journal article explores what happens to these children once they are separated from their families by examining the nature of the services and programs provided while they are in temporary foster care.
January 2018
Key Points: Traumatic Separation and Refugee and Immigrant Children
This resource from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network provides key points related to traumatic separation and immigrant and refugee children.
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